Introducing Tekuno, the innovative blockchain platform that enables the creation of secure and transparent proof of doings (PODs) through digital collectibles (NFTs). Join us today to attest & reward a wide range of activities, become a leader in the Web3 revolution.

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Tekuno is a plug and play blockchain-based solution for digital collectibles, loyalty programs, fandom & more

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Seamlessly integrate Tekuno's system with your existing tools and workflows using our powerful API


CX Marketing

Engage your audience & community, build brand loyalty with seamless reward based, gamified activations to increase your campaign ROI


ransform your People Ops processes with a secure & effective system for record keeping, certifications & incentivisation


Create unforgettable & gamified experiences, reward participation, engage with your community, distribute collectibles and other memorabilia


Manage your contacts, track your sales pipeline in real-time on chain, engage with your customers & get insights into customer behaviour, sales performance & other key metrics


Proof-of-doing (POD) is a revolutionary way to validate real-world actions through digital collectibles (NFTs), ensuring authenticity and security.

With Tekuno, you can easily create and manage your own Proof-of-Doing tokens, also known as Tekuno Pods, for a wide range of use cases, which include but are not limited to certificates & record keeping, learning, event participation, and much more.

Whether you’re a brand looking to create engaging loyalty/rewards programmes, or an individual looking to showcase your skills, Tekuno pods empower you to prove your doings and create value to your experiences. Try it out today and unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

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Blockchain made simple

Whether you're a web3 veteran or a web3 rookie, Tekuno is designed with a friendly interface built for everyone. Start planning that wedding, manage your fan community, organise a conference, reward your students, track your employees’ performances, engage with your audience and much much more ...

Our collaboration with the Tekuno and NEAR Balkans teams provided Mastercard HR with a seamless and exceptional entrance into the Web3 domain. Through this activation, we not only gained significant brand visibility but also reinforced our commitment to embracing blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies. The added value of this campaign was the deep engagement we experienced with our end-users, fostering a strong sense of community around our brand and further solidifying our position as a forward-thinking and innovative company.

Gea Kariž

Country Manager, Mastercard Croatia

This is the most seamless experience I have ever had with a web3 app, and I’ve experimented with many, trust me.

Vlaho Hrdalo

Lawyer, Chairman of UBIK - Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Experience the Motion - the NFT activation made possible by Mastercard, and organized by NEAR Balkans and Tekuno for the Money Motion conference, engaged our audience in an authentic and fun way that brought extra value to the conference while rewarding the luckiest ones. We’re happy that Money Motion is a place of technology adoption and that brands see us as a great partner for such activities.

Nikola Škorić

CEO, Electrocoin

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