Customize the product to your needs

Integrate, scale, track.

With easy-to-use platform features, you can tailor the Tekuno app to any project.


Unlock exclusive benefits when and how you want it.


By signing-up to the platform, your users automatically create a wallet on the blockchain.


Compare all your token activities or ongoing campaigns, in real time.


Integrate with any business system or NFT marketplace in just a couple of clicks.


Integrate with any business system or NFT marketplace in just a couple of clicks.


Enable token trading among the users without them ever leaving the platform.

Reporting & Analytics

Simply track your success and optimize performance.


Whether you want to engage your employees, or reward your customers, we got you covered.

Tekuno marketing

CX Marketing

Web3 Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Loyalty has never been more exclusive and tangible. With Tekuno pods, go beyond point-based discounts and NFTs as collectables. Provide your customers additional value with other special perks such as limited editions, event invites, behind the scene access and more. With the collecting and trading elements of the Tekuno platform, you can create a stronger sense of community, belonging and connection among your user base for long-term relationship and retention.

Tekuno pods allow you to track influence/engagement beyond followers, views, likes and link clicks. You can follow realtime engagement and interactions on the blockchain post announcement and prior to sales conversions. Get valuable insights into customer behaviour from their wallet interactions and acquired collections without invading their privacy. Optimize your campaigns and achieve better ROIs 

Tekuno HR

HR / Talent Management


Using Tekuno pods, you can securely and transparently store any confidential employee information on the blockchain. Safely store employee records in a tamper-resistant way to prevent fraud or abuse or verify previous individuals company experiences.

Attendance & reward

Introduce a new way of connecting with your employees – create communities and reward them for every action they make, in or out of office. Events, training sessions, conferences, educational seminars – easily proove attendance and participation which then gets rewarded with new subscriptions, paid days off and other. Build micro-economies and communities among your teams by allowing them trade and exhange collected benefits – Tekuno pods – and make it fun and appealing.

Tekuno events

Event organization

Proof of attendance

Either you are organizing a mega event or a smaller gathering, you can now have a true overview of who actually attended it. Unlock special perks to fanbases and more easily track every big or small event.

Exclusive perks

Finally an easy way to give back to your guests and fans. Music and sports fans are some of the strongest communities out there. You can now simply reward the most loyal ones with various benefits, behind the scenes content & experiences, as well as future discounts and VIP treatment. You can apply this to every kind of event including conferences, educational workshops, corporate events and more.


Sales and business development

You can now track your leads from the first moment of interaction – offline & online. Lead generation starts with QR code scanning, claiming the Tekuno Pod, by giving in return your business information. After that you can easily track the status of a lead, and if they further shared your contacts. Have a complete overview of your business network in one place, for yourself or the entire organization. With visualizations and leaderboards, you can track the network expansion in real-time, especially during business conferences.

Tekuno Personal


Explore the Tekuno possiblities and create memorable experiences for events or any other activity you are organizing as an individual. With Tekuno pods, you can gamify any doing, activity or event and provide your friends and family new experiences. Imagine you and your partner are planning a wedding and you want your guests to get a little gift, an NFT souvenir with specific perks as a token of appreciation (no pun intended) for attending. In just a few steps, you can easily make it on your own.

Tekuno operations


Tackling Retail Theft

Retailers have been looking towards blockchain to combat retail theft.
With tekuno, we can combine RFID chips, internet of things (iot) sensors and blockchain technology to provide retailers with a transparent and tamper proof record to track instore purchases.

Tracking attendance & records in Health & Education Institutions

Use tekuno pods to track and reward class attendance or patient visits. Utilise the platform to also certify and verify educational records.
Gamify and Incentivise learning experiences.

Tekuno gaming


Communities and tiering

Integrate tekuno into your web 2 & 3 gaming platforms. Drop thematic NFTs to your communities, use pods to reward trophies & community achievements, and create user reputation logs.

Where do you fit in?

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Web3 projects

Execute advanced NFT campaigns, token incentives and airdrops in matter of minutes.

Companies and enterprises

A web2 experience backed by web3 tech for retailers, sport, music, hospitality, education, medical, government and more.


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