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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and its use.

Tekuno is a new and innovative blockchain platform that enables the creation of secure and transparent proof of doings (PODs) through digital collectibles (NFTs). A unique plug and play solution using cutting-edge technology that enables loyalty programs, real-time attendance tracking, fandom & much more.

Tekuno leverages the best of both web2 and web3 worlds to deliver a user-first engagement experience. It uses the NEAR protocol to safely store and manage digital collectables while also using web2 technologies to bridge the gap between web3 technology and web2 users. It’s truly a web2.5 solution.

When you’re registering an account on Tekuno, a NEAR wallet is created for you in the background where the PODs (NFTs) will be stored and managed. This ensures that you always have full control over your collectibles and they are, unmistakably, forever yours.

You can use Tekuno for a variety of use cases. Wether you’re a business owner or just an individual looking to amplify experiences. You can use Tekuno to create modern and unique loyalty programs, to track and store records or attendance, to amplify the experience of your private party or a wedding. The possibilities are limitless. Check out our website for more information and more use-case examples!

Tekuno is a breath of fresh air when it comes to amplifying or rewarding experiences and happenings. With its unique campaign based approach, an immersive dashboard to manage campaigns, and putting user experience at the forefront of the product, Tekuno is clearing it’s own lane in the market and clearly standing out. It’s also using NEAR blockchain technology to reap all the benefits of the technology which also makes it different than other available solutions. Need more information? Reach out to us at {insert contact here}!

All of your collections are stored under the campaigns you have participated in. You can find all of these campaigns and the collectibles within them in your Tekuno Profile page. Additionally, since all of your collectables are actually NFTs they are also safely and securely stored on the NEAR blockchain and easily accessible through your NEAR wallet which is seamlessly connected to your Tekuno profile.

In general, yes! But it also depends on the campaign you’re participating in. When a campaign is being created, the owner of the campaign can determine weather the PODs in the campaign will be soul-bound (non-transferable) or not. In some specific campaigns you might even be encouraged to trade and share your PODs. You will be able to easily determine this when viewing the campaign or a POD within a campaign.

Quickly, and easily. Tekuno’s API and custom integrations are major features for us and we want to make sure you can implement Tekuno into your existing systems so that it can provide you with additional value as quickly and as easily as possible without disrupting your operations and business processes.

Absolutely! You can use Tekuno for a variety of private purposes. We encourage everyone to use Tekuno and we hope it brings value and happiness to anyone that want’s to try it. Just as an example, you can use Tekuno to track and reward friends you have invited to your birthday party or wedding.

You don’t! Even though Tekuno is a blockchain application, you are not required to have any previous blockchain experience to get started. Which also means you are not required to have a blockchain wallet or own any crypto. When you register on Tekuno, a wallet will be automatically created for you and connected to your Tekuno profile. And you’re good to go!

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