Tekuno is not only a product. It is a comprehensive solution that combines the expertise of our team with a powerful platform.

A team of experienced & passionate people

makes Tekuno the go-to solution for businesses looking to unlock the potential of blockchain

Our team of skilled executors is dedicated to helping businesses understand and implement blockchain technology to drive innovation and growth.


Sally Meouche-Ghrawi


Andrej Saric

Tech Lead

Juraj Podgajski

Project Manager

Rahela Vrebcevic

Marketing Lead

Laura Bosazzi Brkic

UX UX designer

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Ida Pandur

General Manager

Luka Sucic


Why are we excited about the future of Tekuno?

Tekuno is a blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform designed for b2b2c audiences. We go beyond simply providing an easy-to-use, and transparent technology for onboarding mass audiences to web3, to helping businesses overcome the abstractions of onboarding onto web3. We enable business to execute on the potential of blockchain technology while creating an entry point for blockchain protocols to further push adoption onto the masses.

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